Government and Power!

Hi everyone,

Sorry I haven’t been posting for a while because I have been sooooooooo busy!

A couple of days ago for homework my class made an adobe spark, which was about government and power. Though on the adobe spark page we had to make a button that would connect on to a different page that gives different information about government and power, or a video of leaders like prime ministers, or maybe even a website this is the button at the bottom of the photo:

This is my page that I created but I am still adding things to it but if you want to see my page go to the 4th page of my blog and I will be updating it each week so that you can see my progress

             Talk to you later

Holiday in America!!

Hi everyone,

I am in America having an amazing time we are in New York and going to DC Washington soon after that we are relaxing in the sun at maui hope you all are having a nice holiday there whether you are staying at home or out and about. Have a nice holiday.

Passion Project showcase



On Thursday the 8th of june in year 6 we presented our passion projects and I presented my active suit to Kindy to year 6 and also a lot of parents that came. We only had 7 weeks to do this project and in that 7 weeks we’ve made lots of progress towards our final results.  Everyone’s was really detailed and I now that everyone put in a lot of effort towards the final project. Everyone had a very different ideas such as =

  • Diy
  • making videos
  • selling picture
  • Photography
  • Sculpturing
  • Hairstyling

If not then they had a similar idea but a different focuses. Kindy – Year 6 asked great questions about of projects. It was a lovely time that we had thanks to the teacher who organised it for us and we hope that the year 5s have a great time next year when they do it. I know they will have lots of great ideas

Musical Is coming Quickly!

Hi everyone,

The musical is coming so quickly and I am so nervous. I have learnt all of my lines but I just need the notes and actions more. Today we are having a full day of musical practice and we are using our microphones. I hope we have a great time doing the musical.

Jim Carrey Online

Passion Project Week 7!!!!!! This is the link 


Hello world,

This Week is the final week of my passion project so this week we have to explain some of our failures and successes also Interesting aspects of this process. So after Thursday this week I will not be posting on the passion project page but I will leave it there for you to look at and hopefully comment on.

This Is my final result of the active swim wear:

This Is Me!!!!!! In the Active Swim Suit


  • The crutch on the shorts ha
    d more gathers then I thought it would
  • Stretch fabric is very hard to sew that is why it is best to use a zig zag stitch
  • The length of the shorts were a bit uneven when we cut them shorter this was rectified by remeasuring while on my body
  • On the top the fabric was stretched around the nec and arm holes
  • The top was a bit baggier than wanted


  • The shorts were very even in length
  • The side sewing (pink thread on the side) on the shorts matched the fabric
  • The elastic threaded through easily
  • Our seams were mostly straight
  • By changing the back of the top from the pattern it made it more comfortable
  • It Fit’s

Interesting aspects of this process

  • Down the side of the shorts we made It interesting by putting a different colour for the thread (pink)

My Right Narrative

At school in year 6 we have been focusing on our descriptive language and we had to write a narrative about someones rights and freedoms that are taken away. So I chose the stolen generation – this is my narrative:

Stolen Generation

Mum always told me I should be proud of who I am, an aboriginal girl. I remember my people telling me lots of stories about the olden days and how they used to watch the sunset from the edge of the wharf, swaying their legs back and forth across the water. Now, these stories were fading away in my mind. How will I remember the stories of my people if I’m not with my family?

As I lay on my small, lumpy bed, my thoughts were disturbed by screaming. “Sirrena, get in here!” Moving quickly I rushed forward frantically through the squishy gap and into the kitchen.

“Wash these dishes now!”  

Why have I become such a slave? My mum wouldn’t of spoken to me like that.

“What did I ever do to you?” I muttered under my breath  

Memories and thoughts raced through my mind. My family, what would they be doing now? I imagined my mum crying while my dad was trying to comfort her.

That night, I decided that I had to do something about this. I couldn’t just leave my family waiting for me to come back and  their eyes swelling up with tears, thinking that I would come back. I slid the picture of my family out from under the mattress. I thought of my mum smiling at me just like when I was always there. I sat down waiting for an idea to pop into my head. The idea became clear. Mum I’m coming home.

Early in the morning, before the sun rose I sneaked out through the small gap in the wall that I used to get secret food from the kitchen. Then I quickly said my goodbyes to my friends, Jill and Daisy, the chickens. I slipped a pile of nuts, grains and seeds in for the chickens. Then I went on my way down the corridor to the kitchen lady’s  bedroom. I needed to get the key for the big door at the back of the house which lead to the road, this would be the biggest challenge trying to get out secretly.

I slipped quietly through the kitchen lady’s bathroom door. I saw the key for the back door. I reached out and clutched my fingers around the keys and carefully shoved the keys into my raggy pocket. I crept back out through the gap in the bathroom door. Shocked, I looked at the empty bed.

“Where did she go?”

I better go before she finds me.

I ran swiftly against the bumpy wall. I unlocked the door and fled out into the refreshing air, the breeze blowing my hair back as I walked along swiftly on the black rocky road.  

As I walked down the path to the end of the road where my house was, my hands stretched over the top of the blue wooden fence and roughly pushed it open. I felt a gentle hand rest on my shoulder and as I turned around quickly it was……



Sienna M

Passion Project Week 5

Hi guys,

The end of my passion project is coming quickly so the final result will look really good. This week we had to focus on make the passion project like last time (we will be doing this for 3 weeks). So these are some of my failures and success:

  • I had to do the sewing line around the crutch twice to make sure it stayed but it did not work because the two lines were not close together
  • The crutch on the pattern had a sharp end not a curved end so I had to cut it again
  •  The fabric got caught around the sewing machine
  • I didn’t cut the pattern really carefully so the fabric got cut the same way and there were little bumps around the pants
  • Laid out the pattern
  • Cut out the pattern well
  • Sewed it straight and parallel
  • Pinned the the pattern and the pants around the crutch so that it was straight
  • Pinned it were it needed to stop

My result of the legs (they are not put together yet) 

Remember to look at page 3 at the top near the picture of the flower